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R and Python drive SQL Server 2017 into machine learning

  • In-Person @ Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh (map)
  • 17:00 - 19:00 (UTC+06:00) Dhaka
  • Language: English

Adding support for both languages in its main data platform is a logical move for Microsoft. Because it runs both on-premises and in the cloud (and now on Linux and MacOS), SQL Server can work with not only the traditional big data sources, but with all your data. Because it builds on existing R support that arrived with SQL Server 2016, SQL Server developers and admins aren’t starting from scratch.

Another, more commercial aspect of these new capabilities is giving databases feature parity with statistical analysis tooling like SAS. Microsoft wants you to ask: Why should you install a hefty and expensive third-party system, when all you need is already in your database? Especially when you add further intelligence via templated solutions? The beta version of SQL Server 2017 is a taste of what Microsoft hopes to bring to answer that question in its favor.



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